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National Bus, Victoria Australia. Reduced emissions and greatly improved fuel economy, in addition to better fleet reliability.

Transport truck with FTA fuel filtration system. Soot levels reduced, fuel consumption decreased and OEM fuel filter life vastly increased.

3406 Cat engine at 1,000,000 km stripdown. FTA oil and fuel filtration ensured that bearings were still in excellent condition.

FM3103 fuel filter fitted to equipment transport hauler fleet, Albuquerque New Mexico, resulting in 5% better fuel economy.

Worldwide, freight haulers cover immense distances transporting goods as diverse as food, manufactured products, liquids and refrigerated goods.

Bus and coach fleet operators have to meet stringent conditions to ensure passenger expectations and contractual conditions are met.

Contaminated fuel and oil are the primary causes of engine and machinery wear and failure, regardless of engine size or operating environment. Filter Technology Australia bypass and full flow filtration systems will remove most of the contaminants that cause this premature wear.

Installing FTA fuel filtration systems can;

  • lower fuel consumption
  • reduce fuel injector and pump maintenance
  • reduce downtime
  • reduce running costs
  • increase power  
  • reduce usage of OEM filters.

Installing FTA oil filtration systems can;

  • extend oil drains on engines by 300% (determined by oil analysis)  
  • reduce waste streams of used oil 
  • reduce usage of OEM filters
  • reduce wear on engine components
  • reduce downtime
  • reduce running costs
  • allow better risk management by using cleaner oil and extending component life.
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