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Oil Filters

FM3001 Oil Filter

FM3002 Oil Filter

FM3003 Oil Filter

FM3004 Oil Filter

FM1000 Filter

FM2000 Oil Filter Element

Fuel Filters

FM3101 Fuel Filter

FM3102 Fuel Filter

FM3103 Fuel Filter

FM3104 Fuel Filter

FM1000 Filter


Industrial Oil & Fuel Filters

FM3201 Industrial Oil & Fuel Filter

FM3202 Industrial Oil & Fuel Filter

FM3203 Industrial Oil & Fuel Filter

FM3204 Industrial Oil & Fuel Filter

FM2100 Industrial Filter Element


FM1701 Breather

FM1703 Breather

FM1704 Breather

Bulk Filtration Systems

FM41646 Fixed filtration unit that can be mobilised for bulk oil applications

FM42043 For bulk diesel applications

FM42444 For bulk diesel applications

RCI FP4000 Fuel Purifier for bulk diesel filtration systems

Tools and Accessories

FM3952 Element Quick Change System

FM0027 Quick Change Spanner

FM0028 Tee Handle Holder

FM0061 Live Sample Tube Kit

FM0063 Return Line Pressure Gauge

Fixed Filtration Systems

FM40145 Hydraulic Bypass Filtration Unit

FM40225D Bypass Filtration Unit for Diffs and Final Drives

FM40226 Wheel Motor Filtration Unit

FM40240/340/440 Filtration Units

FM40245 Hydraulic Bypass Filtration Unit

FM40246 Bypass Filtration Unit

FM40325D Bypass Filtration Unit for Diffs and Final Drives

FM40335D Bypass Filtration Unit for Diffs and Final Drives

FM40345 Hydraulic Bypass Filtration Unit

FM40430 Filtration Unit

FM40445 Hydraulic Bypass Filtration Unit

FM40446 Bypass Oil Filtration Unit

FM40645 Hydraulic Bypass Filtration Unit

Mobile Filtration Systems

FM50112-LW Lightweight Recycling Buggy

FM50112-ULW Ultra Lightweight Recycling Buggy

FM50170-LW Lightweight Filtration BuggyAir Powered

FM50212-LW Lightweight Mobile Filtration Buggy

FM50212 Mobile Filtration Buggy

FM50412-HD Heavy Duty Filtration Buggy

FM50432-HD Heavy Duty Filtration Buggy

FM50462-HD Heavy Duty Filtration Buggy - Variable Drive with Heater

FM60862 Hydraulic Filtration Unit - to suit Kidney Looping Plant Hydraulics Systems

FM71012/71022 Mechanical Drive Filtration Units

FM71033 Wheel Motor Filtration Unit

FM71042 Tote Bulk Oil Filtration Unit











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