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Filtration units fitted to WA600 loader permitted engine oil changes to be extended from 250 to 500 hrs.

Cone crusher oil filtration units protect against highly abrasive limestone dust.

Crusher installation: lube oil life doubled, decreased downtime and improved component life.

The quarry and construction industries are arguably the harshest in which plant and machinery will operate.

These environments impose extreme pressures on crusher lubrication systems, hydraulic circuits, diesel engines and transmissions.

Silicon (dirt) entering the crusher lubrication tanks is one of the reasons oil viscosity increases, causing oil operating temperatures to rise. In hotter climates this may trip the high temperature alarm, leading to the crusher shutting down under load, causing costly downtime. Oil life is affected by this increased temperature - for every 10 degrees above recommended specification oil life is halved.

Once silicon enters a lube, hydraulic or engine system, it is highly abrasive and will cause accelerated wear to lube pumps, bushes, shafts, gears and seals. High silicon levels in crusher lubrication oil can also cause the oil to foam, causing its lubrication qualities to be drastically diminished.

Reducing silicon and other wear metals and dusts within lubrication systems will increase oil and component life and decrease costly breakdowns.

Filter Technology has a range of standard filters and systems available, or we can build a system to exactly suit your needs.

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