Please select the model number of your FTA filtration unit to obtain part numbers and descriptions. These parts documents are presented in Acrobat PDF format.

Engine Oil Filters

FM3001 Engine Oil Filter

FM3002 Engine Oil Filter

FM3003 Engine Oil Filter

FM3004 Engine Oil Filter

Engine Fuel Filters

FM3101 Engine Fuel Filter

FM3102 Engine Fuel Filter

FM3103 Engine Fuel Filter

FM3104 Engine Fuel Filter

Industrial Oil Filters

FM3201 Industrial Oil Filter

FM3202 Industrial Oil Filter

FM3203 Industrial Oil Filter

FM3204 Industrial Oil Filter

Cooking Oil Filters

FF1 Cooking Oil Filter

FF2 Cooking Oil Filter

FF3 Cooking Oil Filter

FF4 Cooking Oil Filter

Quick Change Assemblies

Filter Technology Quick Change assemblies enable operators to service their Filter Technology filter system in the field, quickly and efficiently. The Quick Change assembly comprises all parts except the filter housing. For servicing, the assembly is removed from the housing and replaced with a new or serviced assembly. The dirty filter assemblies are then taken back to the workshop, disassembled and reassembled with new filters and seals at the user's convenience.

For storage and transport of Quick Change assemblies, we recommend the use of Filter Technology PVC Quick Change Holders and Stands, which are available to suit a wide range of filter systems.

Engine Oil Filters

FM3301 Engine Oil Quick Change

FM3302 Engine Oil Quick Change

FM3303 Engine Oil Quick Change

FM3304 Engine Oil Quick Change


Engine Fuel Filters

FM3401 Engine Fuel Quick Change

FM3402 Engine Fuel Quick Change

FM3403 Engine Fuel Quick Change

FM3404 Engine Fuel Quick Change

Industrial Oil Filters

FM3501 Industrial Oil Quick Change

FM3502 Industrial Oil Quick Change

FM3503 Industrial Oil Quick Change

FM3504 Industrial Oil Quick Change

Cooking Oil Filters

Cooking Oil Quick Change Filter Assemblies are available by request only.

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