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FM50412 filtration buggy.

FM60442 filtering wheel motor on a Komatsu 830E.

FM71033 Wheel Motor Filtration Unit for filtering oil in planetary gear reduction drive systems.

Filter Technology FM71012 filtering transmission fluid on mechanical drive truck.

Filter Technology Australia’s range of mobile filtering units offer users the flexibility to service machinery wherever it is parked.

This is particularly useful on mine sites, where mantenance may be spread out between several facilities. Filter Technology Australia'smobile filtration units include the compact 5 Series buggies, the 6 Series for small/medium applications to the 7 Series range which are capable of high volume filtration including viscous fluids.

Product Range

5 Series

FM50112-LW Lightweight Filtration Buggy

FM50112-ULW Ultra Lightweight Filtration Buggy

FM50170-LW Lightweight Air Powered Filtration Buggy

FM50212 Filtration Buggy

FM50212-LW Lightweight Filtration Buggy

FM50412-HD Heavy Duty Filtration Buggy

FM50432-HD Heavy Duty Filtration Buggy

FM50462-HD Heavy Duty Filtration Buggy Variable Drive with Heater

6 Series

FM604, FM606 and FM608 Series Mobile Filtration Buggies

FM60862 Hydraulic Filtration Unit for kidney looping plant hydraulics systems

7 Series

FM71012 and FM71022 Mechanical Drive Filtration Units

FM71033 Wheel Motor Filtration Unit

FM71042 Tote Bulk Oil Filtration Unit

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