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Heat and dust increase the problems of contamination at mines.

Wheel motor oil filtration

Kidney Loop Filtration - Final Drive Cat 789 Haul Truck

Mining companies have a diverse range of equipment: earth-moving, drilling, conveying, coal washing and loading facilities to light vehicle fleets. Maintaining and operating the equipment are typically the highest costs outside of the original purchase price.

Costly loss of production due to machine component failure are critical to a mine's bottom line.

Mining is often carried out in difficult and remote environments, with highly abrasive dust a fact of life. Filter Technology products are designed specifically to cope with these conditions.

Filtration plays an important part in the machine’s longevity. Whether it be air, oil, fuel or a breather, preventing ingress of foreign particles into a machine will increase machine life. Contamination accelerates oil degeneration. The cleaner your oil and fuel systems, the longer your components will last.

Filter Technology products used in mining environments include:

Our customers' experience has proven that installing Filter Technology Australia’s filter systems can significantly lower your company’s operating costs.

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