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FTA filters solving contamination problems in propulsion thruster hydraulics on dredger.

Fishing vessels depend on reliable operation of engines, transmissions and deck machinery for safety and productivity.

Prawn trawler fitted with FTA filters for engine fuel and oil, gearbox oil and refrigeration compressor oil. The results have been extended fuel pump and filter life, longer intervals between OEM filter changes and elimination of breakdowns.

Marine fuel, oil and hydraulic systems are a major application for Filter Technology filtration.

With growing concerns over fuel quality and oil contamination from marine fleet operators and managers worldwide, Filter Technology has become a common and respected name within the industry, guaranteeing filtration performance second to none.

Sludge, moisture, algae, rust, scale and other contaminants can be dramatically reduced. Filter Technology filtration will deliver fuel up to four code grades cleaner to injector pumps and injectors.

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