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Cleaning transformer oil in circuit breakers and tap changers.

Blanket wash solvent filtered and recycled at a major Australian print centre.

FM504 filter buggy cleaning gearbox oil at a power station - a 96% reduction in particulate contamination

The diverse industrial applications for Filter Technology products include power stations, plastics manufacturing, hydraulic installations, printing and many more.

Filter Technology Australia filtration systems are not only proving to be extremely efficient at filtering oils and fuels. 

Our systems can also filter a range of industrial solvents with outstanding results.

Some of our most successful large solvent filtration applications are located at Australia’s major newsprint facilities.

At these facilities, press-cleaning teams utilise a cleaning solvent known as 'blanket wash' to clean the printing presses at the end of each print production run. In the past, broadsheet print facilities have been forced to dispose of their used blanket wash.

By recycling used blanket wash through Filter Technology filters, it is now possible to recycle used blanket wash without the need to dispose of used solvent into the environment.

Power station transformer oil before and after filtration

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