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FM40440 hydraulic filtration system fitted to Hitachi 5500 Excavator (see main photo)

FM502 filter buggy connected to hydraulic system in a road roller - ISO 19/15 down to ISO 17/14 - a 85% reduction after just 6 hrs operation.

Hitachi 5500 Excavator operating at a coal mine. Particulate contamination reduced by 64% , OEM element changes set at 500 hrs, after fitting an FTA FM40440 filtration system.

Hydraulic systems are susceptible to three major problems: Firstly, they are affected by the smallest of particles (greater than 2 microns). High operating pressures combined with close tolerances between moving parts require the system to be ultra clean. A majority of hydraulic systems are "closed loop" (no part of the system open to the atmosphere). Contamination by foreign matter such as highly abrasive silica can cause immense damage.

The next major problem for hydraulic systems is water. Water contamination may emulsify the oil leading to thickening and rusting of components. Ideal water contamination should be below 100 ppm (0.01%) for general hydraulic systems. FTA filtration systems are highly effective in preventing water contamination.

The third major problem for hydraulic systems is excessive temperature. A ten degree rise above normal operating temperature will halve the life of the oil. Analysis results will show a rise in oxidation and a depletion of additives.
The ideal filter system is called a kidney system. It consists of one or more filters coupled to a small electric, air or hydraulically driven pump drawing oil from the tank and returning to the tank below the low oil level (to prevent aeration).

In addition to a substantial increase in both operating performance and equipment longevity, efficient filtration of hydraulic oils also delivers a comprehensive range of cost savings.

Filter Technology’s ultra-fine filtration systems will dramatically reduce contamination in hydraulic oils.

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