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Cat 160H grader fitted with FM3202 bypass filter.

FM40440 filtration system fitted to injection moulding machine.

Filter Technology Australia’s filtration technology is well suited to hydraulic oil, gear oil and bulk storage applications in all types and sizes of fixed and mobile plant applications.

Across all industries these oils work hard, especially in areas such as mining and construction, where equipment is used for long hours in hot, dusty conditions.

Another important area is in general industry, where hydraulic and gear systems play key roles in stamping, pressing, injection moulding and other manufacturing roles.

Contaminated oils lead to poor operating efficiency and premature failure with damage to hydraulic cylinders, pistons and seals, gear systems and bearings resulting in leakage and component failure.

Often supporting such industrial systems are bulk oil and fuel storage facilities. It is critical that these key items of infrastructure store and supply oils and fuels in first class condition.   

Filter Technology has a range of filtration options to suit applications from the smallest fixed plant  through to the largest industrial bulk storage systems, removing damaging particle contamination, enabling your equipment to operate at peak efficiency.

Model Application
FM3201 Suitable for hydraulic systems up to 100 litre capacity. Typical applications include backhoes and forklifts (under 5 tonne), trucks (2-4 tonne) construction and agricultural equipment.
FM3202 Suitable for hydraulic systems 100 - 200 litre capacity, including 4 - 8 tonne trucks, 5-12 tonne forklifts, construction, agricultural and earthmoving equipment.
FM3203 Suitable for medium size hydraulic systems 200 - 400 litre capacity,medium to large construction, agricultural and earthmoving equipment.
FM3204 Suitable for larger hydraulic systems 400 - 800 litre capacity, large construction, agricultural and earthmoving equipment. Often used in multiple configuration.
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