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Refrigerated trucks carrying valuable foodstuffs benefit from FTA filtration units fitted to hard-working compressor units.

Kelso cotton seed oil filter trial, before and after filtration. The eight micron filters beneath each sample bottle show the extent of contamination.

FF440 filtration system installed at a chicken product processing plant. Oil life and food quality increased dramatically.

Filter Technology products are used in the hospitality industry both in transportation of produce and particularly in the filtration of cooking oils.

Particulate contamination in cooking oil used both in food production and retail, is a perennial problem, embedding smoke within the oil and frequently causing the oil to break down.

In cooking oil, contamination is measured in free fatty acids. Reducing contamination slows this process, thus reducing the smoke within the oil. 

By effectively filtering out contaminants, food quality is greatly improved, with users reporting a significantly fresher taste.
By cleaning the cooking oil once a day through one of FTA's filtration systems oil life is increased by 300-500%, making good commercial sense and return on investment.
Mobile units are available in various sizes to suit your needs as well as fixed units utilising the fryers' existing pump unit.

Refrigeration compressors in trucks transporting cold and frozen foodstuffs are subjected to harsh working conditions. Water ingression into the hydraulic oil is a frequent problem. FTA filtration systems can remove over 95% of this water, ensuring reliable operation.

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