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FM3102 Filters

FM3103 filters, Cat grader

FM1000 fitted to 4WD

Filter Technology Australia’s filtration technology has proven over time that it has the capability of overcoming serious fuel contamination issues in some of the harshest working environments.

The problems of contaminated diesel fuel can drastically affect mining operations, particularly in harsh, dusty environments, and also globally, in areas where transportation, storage and transfer of fuel are not up to advanced standards.

Today's mining equipment is built to fine tolerances and demands clean fuel, free from particulate matter and water, to operate reliably and efficiently.

Filter Technology's fuel filtration systems will remove particle contamination and maintain your fuel at an acceptable ISO code.

Diesel fuel before and after filtration, Equatorial Guinea

Model Application
FM3101 Suitable for small diesel engines, gensets, remote engine installations and construction/agricultural equipment (less than 37 kW).
FM3102 Suitable for small to medium 4-8 tonne trucks, gensets (50-200 hp), remote engine installations and construction/agricultural/earthmoving equipment.
FM3103 Typically used on larger trucks, gensets (250-500 hp), stationery engines, construction, agricultural and earthmoving equipment..
FM3104 Often used in multiple configuration for larger fuel systems, for example fuel pumps, bowsers and large scale filtering.
FM1000 automotive products are suited to passenger cars and four wheel drives operating in harsh environments where fuel quality can be a problem, FM1000 units can be used on both fuel and oil to provide increased filtration protection of your engine. (May require fitting an electrical fuel pump to pressurise the fuel system.) 

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