FM71042 Mechanical or Electrical Drive Filtration Units

FM71042 Tote Bulk Oil Filtration Unit

General Description

  • Built to filter various mineral and synthetic oils either as a kidney loop unit or to filter 1000L/250G oil pods and be a delivery unit.
  • 400 volt pressure driven variable drive motor coupled to 5 gal/20 LPM pump.
  • 5000 watt heater is built in underneath the filter pack with a temperature controller automatically controlling the temperature of the oil at 70°C/160°F while in use.
  • 10 x FM3204 filter housings.
  • Light to indicate the elements are blocked.
  • Suction hose and return hose reels have 8 metres/24 feet of 1˝ hose on them, both hoses have quick release couplings with matching couplings on the machine to keep them free of contaminates when not in use.
  • An electronically controlled three way tap on the suction side on the pump and on the return of the filtration unit allows easy changeover from pod to hose reel and is controlled by a switch on the electrical box.
  • Heavy duty frame with drip tray with solid rubber wheels which make moving easy.
  • Fork tines are built into the frame.
  • 24 volt control electrical control circuit.
  • Lockable isolation switch and emergency stop built in.
  • Service platform built into the bulk head for ease of access to the filtration pack.

Shipping Crate Dimensions
  Metric US
Height 1600 mm 63"
Length 2550 mm 101"
Width 1650 mm 65"
Weight 820 kg 1808 lb
Max. Pressure 5 bar 75 psi
Rec. Op. Pressure 3.9 bar 58 psi
Rec. Max. Flow
(@60°C on SAE 60W oil)
20 L/min 5.3 gal/min


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