FM50112-ULW Lightweight Recycling Buggy

FM50112-ULW Dimensions
  Metric US
Height 1300 mm 51.1"
Length 420 mm 16.5"
Width 550 mm 21.6"
Weight 33 kg 73 lb
Max pressure 5 bar 72 psi
Recommended operating pressure 3 bar 43 psi

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  • Electric motor with 3 metre extension cord
  • 5 bar pressure relief valve
  • Pressure gauge
  • Five metres of hosing (2.5m suction and 2.5m return)
  • Two wheeled lightweight trolley
  • Capable of being adapted for most recycling needs
  • Mobile and portable.


  • 1 x FM3204 Filter.

Additional Customisation

  • Quick release couplings
  • Frame colour
  • Live sample point with dust cap
  • 1/2 FF couplings
  • Isolation switch
  • 240V 10A inlet
  • Hour run meter
  • E-Stop.

FM50112-ULW buggies are fitted with FM3204 Filtration Units for use with either diesel or oil applications.


Oil Applications:

FTA Buggies are typically used for small hydraulic reservoirs on gearboxes, final drives, blow and injection moulder or wherever hydraulic oils are used. Their kidney loop system and quick release couplings allow easy movement between machines in industrial sites allowing machinery to be filtered while the machine is still in service. They can also be used to filter new oil from the drum into the machine.

Fuel Applications:

FTA Buggies can be used to filter fuel contaminated with dust, rust, airborne contaminants and algae in low volumes where the tanks have been treated with a biocide. These buggies can also act as a remote filling station where fuel cleanliness cannot be guaranteed.


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