FM42043 Bulk Diesel Filtration Unit


This bulk Filtration unit can be used to filter Diesel Fuel contaminated with moisture, dust, rust, airborne contaminants, fungi and bacteria where the tanks have been treated with a biocide.

This unit can also be used as a remote filling station where fuel cleanliness cannot be guaranteed.

The filtration unit can be used as either a bulk delivery system or as an intermediate filtering system cleaning diesel from a bulk tank to a day tank. Both these scenarios require and existing pump set-up.


  • Flow rate 750 litre/min
  • Pressure gauge on the inlet and outlet
  • Live sample point on the inlet and outlet


  • 20 x FM3204 industrial filter units.

Suitable for all:

  • Diesel fuels


  • Can be trailer-mounted on request.
  • RCI Pre-filter water separator
  • Flow meter
  • Isolation valves on the inlet and outlet
  • 3˝ Camlock couplings
FM42043 Dimensions
  Metric US
Height 1350 mm 52"
Length 1200 mm 47"
Width 1400 mm 55"
Weight (wet) 700 kg 1543 lb
Max pressure 5 bar 72 psi
Rec. operating pressure 3 bar 43 psi

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