FM41646 Filtration Unit - Custom

Fixed filtration unit that can be mobilised for bulk oil applications.

General Description

The FM41646 filtration unit is designed to suit a wide range of applications in the areas of bulk oil filtration. This unit can be connected to bulk oil storage tanks for clean-up applications or used to kidney loop reservoirs on all types of machinery, either mobile or fixed plant.

Other applications include cleaning oil from machines at major routine service intervals. Because the unit can clean the oil in both decanting and filling operations, this decreases down time and increases oil savings. The FM41646 can be utilised on various oil grades or viscosities, and with the additional use of heaters, even the highest viscosity oils can be filtered.

Standard Features

  • FM3204 x 16 filter housings
  • Remove contamination down to 2 micron
  • Fitted with pressure relief valve
  • Suction strainer
  • Pressure gauge
  • Hour run meter
  • Element change light
  • Pressure differential switch
  • Capable of being adapted for most recycling needs
  • Mobile and portable
  • Skid-based design for easy moveability with fork tine pockets
  • Operation manual.

Custom Features

  • Custom speced to suit all applications
  • Isolation switch
  • 24 V control electrical package
  • Three phase power
  • Heater package
  • Variable drive pressure control
  • Particle counter
  • 15 m suction and return hoses
  • Flat-face, quick-release couplings on hoses
  • Hose reels.
Shipping Crate Dimensions
  Metric US
Height 1600 mm 63"
Length 1400 mm 55"
Width 1200 mm 47.5"
Weight 650 kg 1430 lb

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