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FM40430 onboard oil filtration unit

Fixed and Onboard Filtration Systems

Fixed filtration systems from Filter Technology can be either:

  • Static units in industrial locations, mine sites and farms for production machinery, fuel farms and bowsers
  • On-board units on large vehicles at mines and quarries such as draglines, excavators and haul trucks where the throughput of fluids is high.

Fixed filtration systems are available for filtering fuel, engine oil, industrial oils and hydraulic fluids.

Model Application
Onboard Engine Oil Filtration Units
FM40220 Onboard engine oil filtration unit
FM40230 Onboard engine oil filtration unit
FM40430 Onboard engine oil filtration unit
FM40440 Onboard engine oil filtration unit
Onboard Wheel Motor Filtration Units
FM40226 Onboard wheel motor filtration unit
Onboard Diff Filtration Units
FM40225D 150 tonne mechanical drive trucks
FM40325D 195/250 tonne mechanical drive trucks
FM40235D 195/250 tonne mechanical drive trucks
FM40335D 400 tonne mechanical drive trucks
Single Housing Hydraulic Units
FM40115 Hydraulic bypass unit
FM40125 Hydraulic bypass unit
FM40135 Hydraulic bypass unit
FM40145 Hydraulic bypass unit
Fixed Hydraulic Filtration Systems
FM40325 Up to 2000 litres
FM40235 Up to 2000 litres
FM40245 Up to 3500 litres
FM40345 Up to 5000 litres
FM40445 Up to 6500 litres
FM40645 Up to 10,000 litres
FM40845 Up to 13,500 litres
FM41045 Up to 15,000 litres
Fixed Filtration Systems with Pump and Motor
FM40246 Bypass filtration unit
FM40346 Bypass filtration unit
FM40446 Bypass filtration unit
FM40646 Bypass filtration unit
FM40846 Bypass filtration unit
FM41046 Bypass filtration unit
Fixed Fuel Bowser Filtration Systems
FM40243 50 litre/min maximum
FM40343 75 litre/min maximum
FM40443 100 litre/min maximum
FM40643 200 litre/min maximum
FM40843 300 litre/min maximum
FM41043 Bulk Fuel - 450 litre/min maximum
FM41243 Bulk Fuel - 500 litre/min maximum
FM41643 Bulk Fuel - 670 litre/min maximum
FM42043 Bulk Fuel - 840 litre/min maximum
FM42443 Bulk Fuel - 1000 litre/min maximum
In addition to production units Filter Technology Australia will manufacture systems to suit customers' specific applications and requirements.
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