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Today's Tier III and IV diesels demand clean fuel, with minimum particulates. FTA filters remove up to 95% of contaminants greater than 2 microns.

Gen set at mine site, New Mexico. FM3104 fuel filters and FM3004 oil filters installed. Smoke opacity, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions reduced, while fuel economy increased.

Cat 826G Trash Compactor, Nevada. After fitting FM3003 oil filter and FM3103 fuel filter, smoke emissions were reduced by over 50%.

Worldwide, emission control standards are becoming increasingly tighter. These standards demand that engines are built to fine tolerances, and that wear is minimised.
Additionally, as injection pressures in today’s modern diesel engines increase up to 35,000 psi, so the needle and seat tolerances become finer with the average tolerance being 3 microns.

It is critical to deliver clean fuel to these injectors to maintain injector performance and life, which in turn results in the engine’s emission standards being maintained.

Filter Technology filter systems remove contaminants less than 3 microns, prolonging injector life by at least three times when compared with OEM filter performance. This will maintain your engine’s performance and efficiency in both fuel economy and emissions.

FTA has, through rigorous testing, established that maintaining the cleanliness of oil is equally as important as that of fuel in controlling emissions.

With clean fuel and oil, FTA filter systems effectively control emissions, while virtually eliminating in-field fuel related breakdowns, giving significant cost savings and reduced machinery downtime.

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