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FF3000 mobile cooking oil filtering unit

FF1020 fixed fryer cooking oil recycling unit

Filter element after 10 days


Test result samples from commercial food processor:

1. Oil entering the filter unit.
2. Oil from vat after 8 hrs filtering.
3. Filtered oil re-entering the vat.

With Filter Technology's success in the industrial world of oil and fuel filtration, we saw similar problems with particulate contamination in cooking oil in the hospitality industry.
As with the industrial world it was the fine particles that you cannot see with the naked eye that was doing the damage. By filtering out these particles, the breakdown process is slowed, thus increasing the life of the oil. Conventional fryer filters are not able to do this.
In cooking oil, contamination is measured in free fatty acids. Reducing contamination slows this process, thus reducing smoke trapped within the oil. This in turn and most importantly, improves food quality.
Results have shown that cleaning the cooking oil once a day through a Filter Technology filtration systems can prolong the life by 300-500%, making good commercial sense and return on investment.
Mobile units are available in various sizes to suit your needs as well as fixed units utilising the fryer's existing pump unit. 

Model Application
FF1020 Fixed fryer cooking oil recycler. Uses existing pump in fryer.
FF40440 Fixed cooking oil recycler. Up to 1500 litre capacity. 1800 - 2400 L/hr.
FF1500 Mobile cooking oil recycling unit.FMC2 filter, 10 L/min pump. Filters oil while still in the vat.
FF2000 Mobile cooking oil recycling unit. 50 litre capacity tank. FMC1 filter. 10 L/min pump.
FF3000 Mobile cooking oil recycling unit. 120 litre capacity tank. FMC1 filter. 10 L/min pump.
FF4000 Mobile cooking oil recycling unit. 70 litre capacity tank. Drains a 54 litre fryer in 45 seconds. 13.5 L/min pump.


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