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FM41646 fixed filtration system capable of mobilisation for bulk oil applications

42444 bulk diesel filtration system

Bulk Filtration Systems

For large industrial applications, and when large quantities of fluids need to be filtered in a short time, Filter Technology Australia manufactures a range of bulk fluid filtration systems, both fixed and mobile.

Fixed systems are ideal for a number of applications including:

  • Production machinery where hydraulic oils are worked hard, often around the clock.
  • Fuel farms and bowser installations, particularly in areas where fuel is routinely contaminated.
Model Application
FM41646 Bulk oil filtration system
FM42043 Bulk diesel filtration system
FM42444 Bulk diesel filtration system
RCI FP4000 Fuel Purifier for bulk diesel filtration systems
In addition to production units Filter Technology Australia will manufacture systems to suit customers' specific applications and requirements.
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