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FM40440 filtration system istalled on diesel bowsers, Port Stephens Council. Particulate contamination reduced by 82%.

Eraring Power Station. Particulate contamination reduced from ISO 19/16 to 13/10.

Coates Hire. FM504 filtration buggy used to filter fuel in pump hire fleet. Increased reliability and less wastage of fuel due to contamination.

Before and after installing a Filter Technology FM42440 full flow (approx 800 litres per minute) fuel filtration system, Equatorial Guinea

Filter Technology Australia’s range of bulk fuel filtration systems, either bowser (pump) units or onboard units are ideal for filtering large quantities of fuel where contamination is a problem.

These systems can be configured as a permanent installation, a semi-transportable unit or fully mobile such as our range of filtration buggies.

FTA bulk fuel filter systems are beneficial in removing water and particulate contamination, and maintaining fleet serviceability. Typical bulk fuel issues include:

Water Contamination

Water can cause injector scuffing, plugging and seizures. Removal of water will become more critical with the introduction of low sulphur fuels, as this will lower the film strength between the needle and seat lowering the resistance to failures even more.

Particulates Contamination

These microscopic particulates contribute to major injector needle and seat wear. These particles are present in the fuel from the refinery in bulk delivery tankers. Other points of entry are poor tank breathers on the machines themselves, on-site fuel installations and fuelling from drums

Maintaining System Pressure

Starvation of the fuel system through plugged fuel filters causes the system to cavitate. These air bubbles remove the film of lubrication created by the diesel causing accelerated wear.

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