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Grain hauling truck with FTA oil and fuel filters fitted. Better fuel economy and longer oil life.

Case 8930 with FTA fuel and oil filters fitted. Blocked fuel filters now a thing of the past.

John Deere header fitted with FTA fuel and oil filters - 5 x OEM filter life, 3 x oil life.

The agricultural sector has a most diverse range of equipment. Also, agricultural equipment is subjected to some of the most adverse conditions.

The issues are wide and varied - Fuel is a major problem due to the amount of handling fuel endures before reaching machines. Fuel is often transported in drums and fuel trailers leaving it susceptible to airborne contamination, water and rust scale.

Engines are run at constant loads in dusty environments and due to work demands, oil change intervals often exceed OEM recommendations. Irrigation motors fall into this category. Fitting a gate valve on the filter inlet enables the Filter Technology elements to be serviced and topped up with oil while the motor is still running, giving your motor added protection it normally would not have.

Transmissions and hydraulic systems are often running the same fluid and with constant changing of implements, dirt and other foreign particles enter the system though the hydraulic coupling points causing accelerated wear of all components.

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