December 2009

Christmas Greetings!

Here at Filter Technology Australia, we would like to take this opportunity to wish our customers, suppliers and business associates a happy Christmas and a rewarding and prosperous New Year.

HVL installs FM40640 unit on second Hitachi 8000 digger for Xstrata

The FM40640 system comprises a cluster of six FMF4 filtration modules capable of filtering up to 2000 litres/min.

Live sampling points allow fresh samples to be taken at regular intervals without adversely affecting productivity.

Filter Technology Australia dealer Hunter Valley Lubricants will be installing an FM40640 hydraulic oil filter to Xstrata's second Hitachi EX8000 face shovel.

The EX8000, Hitachi's flagship digger product, is highly valued by Xstrata as an essential part of their quest for productivity. By maintaining hydraulic oil within manufacturers' ISO specifications for long periods, downtime is drastically reduced and reliability is improved. Using FTA filters can extend the life of hydraulic oil (typically 2000 - 3000 hrs) by up to five times.

Importantly, hydraulic components such as pumps, cylinders and seals are protected from damaging contaminants, guarding against excessive wear and failure.

Cost savings also include the cost of hydraulic oil, and of course the costs associated with disposal of waste oil and OEM filters.

Filter Technology Australia's FM40640 filtration unit is fast becoming the benchmark for hydraulic filtration on large shovel applications.

FTA welcomes new appointments

Michael Murphy

Filter Technology Australia appoints long time loyal employee as General Manager of Operations.
Michael Murphy has been with the company for nine years during which time he has tried his hand at every aspect of the business and recently concluded his trade certificate as an electrician.
His new role will in most ways be an endorsement of the duties and tasks already undertaken by him since the sale of the business and the departure of Phillip Marheine in early February this year.
2009 has been a difficult year for many businesses and FTA was not immune to the effects the global financial crisis has had on industry, so we welcome the appointment of Michael in his new role and the start of the 2010 business year as motivators to grow market share and penetrate the industry in varying markets.
I am sure that all staff will join senior management in congratulating Michael on his appointment and support him in his future efforts.

Emily Tomlinson
For those of you contacting FTA direct, you would have no doubt been greeted by the cheerful and welcoming tone of Emily’s voice on numerous occasions.
Emily has been employed at FTA for more than five years and apart from manning the phones and looking after all areas of administration, she has at times been known to venture into the rolling room to assist the guys with the element manufacturing and packaging when an extra hand was required.
Emily has recently become the sole female in the team and taken on extra office duties with a great deal of enthusiasm (probably as this will keep her out of the rolling room?).
The management wish to acknowledge her efforts and the ease in which she has adapted to numerous tasks.

Emily is a great asset to the company and we are lucky to have her on board.

Porgera Joint Venture opts for FTA bulk fuel filtration.

Barrick Niugini Limited Porgera Joint Venture operation has ordered their first FTA FM41040 bulk fuel filtration system.

As is the case in many remote locations, fuel contamination is an ever-present issue, causing frequent vehicle breakdowns through clogged fuel lines and injectors
The key benefit of the FM41040 is its ability to remove a black residue, locally nicknamed 'vegemite' which accumulates on the element media. This residue results from storing diesel fuel for extended periods of time. While energy values remain unaffected and the residue is not visible even under the microscope, it will leach out of the fuel and accumulate on the element through its natural attraction for cellulose material.

The current problem has been the residue accumulating on fuel filters on mobile plant leading to filter blockages and breakdowns.
The unique density of the media of FTA filters and, of particular importance, the large surface area of multiple filters in the FM401040, are very effective in retaining this residue. It is calculated that the large number of filter elements, hence surface area, should increase the period between element changes, retaining the residue while preventing problems on the mobile equipment.
 PJV have placed on order for an FM41040 bulk filtration unit and are in further discussions regarding the installation of bowser units on site.
The FM41040 should be ready for despatch to site early January and will be installed by PJV personnel.

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