FTA Director Positive on US Prospects

Filter Technology Australia Director Brian Bondi has just returned from a three-week trip to North America, meeting new distributors and sourcing fresh business opportunities.

On his arrival back in Australia Brian was full of enthusiasm about the prospects for FTA products in a number of diverse industries. " My trip to the oil sands mines at Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada was a real eye-opener" said Brian. "The mines are huge - amazing - and the operators identified a number of contamination issues that FTA products could help to solve".

"Together with Ground Force Manufacturing (GFMFG), our recently appointed dealer for mining & heavy construction, we visited a number of mines, contractors and equipment suppliers and received a very positive response to the benefits of FTA products"

Mining in North America is a huge industry - significantly bigger than in Australia - so it makes sense to join forces with GFMFG - the most recognised fuel/lube and water truck supplier in the USA.

Both companies' products work in similar markets and complement each other.

Fort McMurray Oil Sands Operations, Alberta

Ground Force Appointed US Dealer for Mining and Construction

FTA is pleased to announce the appointment of Ground Force Manufacturing as its US dealer, specialising in the supply of FTA filtration products for mining and heavy construction.

Ground Force Manufacturing is based in the north west of Idaho and has gained a solid reputation for supplying rugged, high quality mine support equipment, including fuel & lube trucks, water trucks, explosive support, material delivery and a number of other products including wheel dozers. GFMFG President, Ron Nilson explained: "Our business philosophy is about building the highest quality equipment with unmatched standards of support through its service life".

GFMFG's expertise in minesite fuel and oil delivery equipment, makes it the ideal company for marketing FTA products to the discerning US mining and heavy construction market. We look forward to a prosperous business relationship with GFMFG in future years.

Onboard System Trialling on CAT® 793D

Deep in the Hunter Valley, FTA is trialling an onboard filtration system for the diff and final drives on a Cat 793D dump truck.

On board filtration has a number of advantages: the diff and final drive lubricants are kept at a constant level of cleanliness resulting in longer component life, extended lubricant change out periods and reduced service time.

Vegas Gamble Paying Off for FTA Cooking Oil Filter Units

Las Vegas hotel restaurants are constantly busy, even into the early hours. Cooking oil is a key product used in the hospitality, and its cleanliness is crucial for fresh-looking, immaculate tasting food.

Recently, FTA has gained approval to run trials at a major hotel casino. The trial, which will allow the hotel to evaluate savings, involves three cooking oil mobile filtration units along with three filtration staff working from midnight to 6.00 am.

The filtration units remove high percentages of solid contaminants (the material which breaks-down to form the free fatty acids which ultimately destroy the oil), resulting in less frequent oil changes, less waste and most importantly, more delicious food.

HVL - Our Dealer in the Valley

Hunter Valley Lubricants (HVL), our FTA dealer in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales are entering the second year of partnership. After a slow year in 2010, mainly due to the GFC, things are on track for a bumper 2010/11 financial year.

HVL Group have been delivering high quality specialized lubricant products and complete on-site lubrication maintenance and repair services since 1998. HVL focus on reliability services and comprehensive lubrication related products.

FTA filter systems fitted directly into the HVL range of products as they are an important product in helping HVL deliver value through real time cost savings to our customers.

Julian Bell of HVL said they are excited at the partnership with FTA, in particular the wide range of products that FTA offer combined with potential maintenance cost savings through utilising the FTA product. HVL is ideally placed to offer great service and backup for this important mining region.

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