Filter Technology Queensland appointed "Master Dealer"

Filter Technology Queensland has entered a new era as “Master Dealer” for the Filter Technology Australia range of products.
FTQ has been operating as the sole dealer FOR Qld for 5 years and has represented the FTA product with the highest level of support and product knowledge developing a wide customer base.
The growth of the customer base has resulted in a change in the dealer network and the appointment of FTQ as the Master Dealer for Qld providing them with the opportunity to create a greater market through the identification of qualified sub dealers and resellers.

Better support for Customers

“Adopting this approach will provide our customers with a greater support base as the factory in Rutherford concentrates on wholesale business and dealer support rather than retail sales” says Michael Murphy, General Manager of Filter Technology Australia.
To assist the factory and the dealers in over all product support FTA have engaged the services of Mr Murray Wicks who is contracted to FTA as a product support representative responsible for assisting dealers in their support of the customers and identifying new regions and markets for the FTA product line.
Murray has a long history in civil construction, mining with an extensive mechanical back ground, his experience in operating equipment and running his own business will be a major asset to the FTA business. We take this opportunity to welcome him aboard. (be warned of the handshake when you have the opportunity to meet with him!)

Western Star Constellation Keeps on Truckin' – Thanks to FTA Fuel Filtration

Mandurah company Dynamic Transport was anxious to ensure that they were getting optimum performance from their Western Star Constellation.

By fitting an FM3103 fuel filtration unit between tank and OEM fuel filters, damaging fine contaminants in the fuel were filtered out, protecting the engine as well has shielding the OEM filter from clogging.

Used FM3103 filter element clearly shows the level of contamination removed from the diesel fuel, compared with new filter.

In fact, after 40,000 km, the OEM filter was still exceptionally serviceable and did not require replacing.

Contamination in diesel fuel is an ongoing issue both in Australia and overseas. It occurs even in in fresh fuel, but is worse in situations where fuel is transferred between storage facilities.

Of particular concern are particles less than 20 micron. These particles are often responsible for causing clogged injectors, resulting in poor performance, excessive fuel consumption and increased emissions.

OEM fuel filter, still serviceable after 40,000 km

Filter Technology fuel filters remove up to 99% of these particles, protecting your engine, saving money on fuel and allowing your OEM filter to last its full service life, even in the most demanding conditions.

Bel-Ray has the Expertise to Service the Bowen Basin

The Bowen Basin in Queensland is an area of coal reserves and mining related communities that extends over approximately 60,000 square kilometres from the town of Collinsville in the north to Theodore in the south.

This is the largest coal reserve in Australia – 34 operational coal mines extract over 100 million tonnes annually. This represents some 83 per cent of the State of Queensland’s coal production – its most important export commodity.

The Bowen Basin holds Australia's largest coal reserves.

Bel-Ray (Mining Division), based in Mackay,has been appointed as a dealer by FTA Queensland, and is ideally positioned to service the Bowen Basin. Bel-Ray has been a world leader in the lubrication industry for over 60 years, in an impressively wide range of applications, from submarines to space, from the freezing arctic to harsh arid deserts.

Bel-Ray's association with Filter Technology Australia brings valuable expertise for our clients and will undoubtedly benefit their quest to reduce maintenace and running costs, and prolong equipment life.

You can contact Bel-Ray on (07) 4952 5778

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